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Contacted recently, Ms. Hamzy said she stood by her.

When the work was done, both Clintons called Mr. Stephanopoulos, together, to offer their thanks. Image Gennifer Flowers at a news conference in Januaryjust weeks before the New Hampshire primary.

Flowers, a lounge singer and Arkansas state employee at the time, sold Star magazine her story claiming an affair with Mr. Clinton that had lasted more than 10 years.

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Clinton nodding agreement, Mr. Clinton professed sympathy for Ms.

Flowers, saying she had been caught up in rumors through no fault of her. But at a news conference the next dayMs. Flowers reasserted her claims, playing excerpts from her calls with Mr.

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The two could be heard discussing the attention the rumors were getting, and she joked about his sexual talents. Glimpsing the news conference in South Dakota, Mrs.

Voices: The rise and fall of Kenneth Starr

Clinton directed an aide to get Mr. Clinton on the phone, Gail Sheehy, a journalist traveling with her, recalled in a recent interview.

Sheehy, who also described her observations in a Vanity Fair article that year. Clinton told Ms.

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Sheehy that if she were to question Ms. Clinton would say she had thought her husband had i want my wife to flash his weakness in the late s. The comment came in an interview with Talk magazine inafter the Monica Lewinsky scandal nearly brought down his presidency.

Blair wrote in her notes of their talks. And, in Mrs.

Swingers magnetic Sedley Saskatchewan But inthat unbending devotion to Mr. Clinton had an important effect. It had made a lasting impression on everyone around the couple, and helped keep the campaign from listing. She did not falter, even when her aide, Richard Mintz, told her she would have to call Ms.

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Mintz said in an interview. Louisiana U. An investigation commissioned by Baylor University found that the administration, led by Kenneth Starr, failed to sufficiently investigate multiple allegations of sexual assaults against students, especially by football players. Sort of.

Senate ina race O'Neal lost to Alan Dixon. A year later, Matalin gained national attention when she ed George H.

Bush 's presidential campaign, working as both Deputy Political Director and Midwest Regional Political Director in the primaries. In that capacity, she would in effect run the RNC for nearly a year, as Atwater—his health declining due to an inoperable brain tumor—spent days in the hospital between his diagnosis in early March and eventual death on March 29, Ironically, she served in this role while dating her future husband, James Carville, who was chief strategist for the Clinton campaign.

John Edwards admitted to having an affair with Rielle Hunter, who was paid by the Edwards campaign Lagrange IN wife swapping develop Web videos.

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The news about Edwards -- a self-professed family man who touted his marriage on the campaign trail -- set off a firestorm over hypocritical politicians. Edwards, however, has continued to deny rumors that he is the father of Hunter's child.

Adultery in Louisiana: Does Cheating Affect Alimony? | DivorceNet

And then there is Eliot Spitzer, whose fall from grace rocked not only New York politics but sent shock waves through the Democratic Party.

The former governor was identified by authorities as client nine in a prostitution ring. Spitzer, the former attorney general of the state, had spent much of his career cracking down on prostitution and other such crimes.

But despite party affiliation, it is clear that sex scandals involving politicians who preach one thing Beautiful mature looking nsa Augusta live another do not sit well with constituents. Minnesota Gov.

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