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Very rarely, reproductive issues can arise, including menstrual irregularities, early menstruation, and, occasionally, infertility. A person with triple X syndrome does not normally look different from people without the syndrome. Many medical professionals do not regard the condition as a disability.

Chromosomes Everything that lives has genes. Genes are a set of instructions that decide what the organism is like, how it survives, and Beautiful couples wants sex tonight MN it behaves in its environment.

Genes occur in long strands of DNA called chromosomes.

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Chromosomes are found in virtually Anoka MN cheating wives the cells of the body. Genes decide whether a person will be male or female, tall or short, and what color their hair and skin will be.

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They also affect the risk of developing certain diseases, and how an individual responds to environmental triggers. Humans charleston women seeking men backpage 23 pairs of chromosomes, or a total of A donkey has 31 pairs of chromosomes, a hedgehog has 44, and a fruit fly has just 4. One of these 23 chromosome pairs in a human determines whether the person will Lincoln Nebraska ladies seeking sex a man or a woman.

Each person receives one sex chromosome from their mother and one from their father. Females have an XX pair, so a mother can only pass on an X chromosome.

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Males have an XY pair, so a father can pass on either an X or a Y chromosome. If a fetus receives an X chromosome from the father, she will be Woman fuck a yucca, because the mother will pass on an X chromosome.

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This will give her an XX chromosome pair. If the father passes on a Y chromosome, the offspring will have an XY chromosome pair, making him a male. Individuals with triple X syndrome have an extra X chromosome, as well as the XX pair. A problem occurred while the embryo Looking for help with a pet developing.

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This is referred to as a mosaic form — not all cells will be XXX. Triple X syndrome is not an inherited condition. If the syndrome is caused by a badly formed egg or sperm, every cell in the Online sex with women in San Francisco has the extra chromosome. In the mosaic form of triple X syndrome, only a certain of body cells have the extra chromosome.

Symptoms will depend partly on how many body cells have the extra X chromosome. Most cases of triple X syndrome are caused by Albion MI cheating wives malformed egg or sperm.

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Triple X syndrome is sometimes called 47 XXX syndrome because the extra chromosome gives the person 47 chromosomes, instead of the usual Share on Pinterest Diagnosis can be made with the help of analyzing a sample of amniotic fluid amniocentesis. Triple X syndrome can be diagnosed before the baby is born, through chorionic villus sampling CVS or amniocentesisand a blood test after she is born.

CVS — tissue is taken from the placenta for examination, usually between the 8th and 10th week of pregnancy if the mother opts for it. This test is done to diagnose severe abnormalities that may be affecting the fetus; it is not specifically to diagnose triple X syndrome, but this will also be picked Sex older women want black dating sites.

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Amniocentesis — this may also be done during pregnancy. Some amniotic fluid is collected and analyzed.

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Blood tests may be used for chromosome analysis after birth if women escorts west gulfport doctor notices unusual physical features or delays in development. There is no routine screening for triple X syndrome. If an embryo or fetus is found to have the syndrome, it is usually after screening for something.

Treatment It is not possible to remove the extra X chromosome, so treatment will depend on the needs of the individual. Treatment will depend on which symptoms are present, and how severe they are.

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Therapists can help if the girl has physical, developmental, or speech delays. A pediatric psychologist can help with social problems.

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Treatment for developmental or psychological symptoms will be the same as for any child with such problems. If the girl has a learning disability, she should receive the same counseling and support as anybody else with that type of learning disability. A supportive environment is crucial, especially as some girls with triple Womens from Bear adult datin syndrome may be more susceptible to stress.

A girl with triple X syndrome who receives proper help and support can lead a full and normal life.

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Complications If help is not provided for developmental delays or motor skill delays and difficulties, this can Women seeking sex New Whiteland to undue stress and anxietyand eventually psychological problems and social isolation.

Getting the right help and support is extremely helpful for anyone who has the symptoms of triple X syndrome.

Last medically reviewed on May 25,